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Alex's Birth (Birth Center)

posted Jul 24, 2010, 12:39 PM by Rachel Supercinski

I’m glad we took a nap today!!!

We turned in for the nite early also, 8:30 pm I think.

H woke up at about 1:30 am with a sudden gush of water. She walked around confused and dazed for about 10 minutes and then D woke up. H took a shower and tried to relax and D got a few more minutes of sleep.

At about 2:30 contractions started but they weren’t terrible. We started timing them an hour later and they were pretty steady and about a minute long with four or five minutes in between. H ate a sandwich and walked around and it slowed down a little bit, but then picked right back up.

At about 5:30 am we called the midwife and she indicated that we should go ahead and start driving. We were a bit nervous because things seemed to be progressing quickly and the birth center was 1.5 hours away toward Houston. We drove down as the sun was coming up with H having contractions in the car and stopped twice to walk around and use the restroom.

We arrived at the birth center at 7 am and the midwife welcomed us in. There had been one other couple there in labor, but they had been sent home because she wasn’t dilated, so the place was empty. We got into the big room (the bathtub is named bertha). The midwife checked and H was only about 1 cm dilated. Everyone anticipated that this would change quickly because the contractions were so close together and powerful.

We walked around the center, stopping every so often for a contraction or a trip to the bathroom. Gatoraid and water were good and H&D had a pudding cup for lunch. H walked around some more and got into the tub for a bit.

By noon, and with contractions still steady at 1 min long and 4 min apart the midwife checked H again and she had progressed to only 3 cm. The midwife offered to break the rest of H’s water to help speed things along, and after some debate we agreed. This was not in our birth plan and was a very hard decision to make. Since the waters had broken a bit already we decided that it was ok to do.

Hours passed, and the contractions kept picking up, but the stubborn cervix dilated so slowly. H got in and out of the bathtub repeatedly, up and down on the toilet and in and out of the bed. Walking around the center started to slow down at about 6pm.

Around 10pm she started feeling the urge to push and was in “labor land” – a happy place where you sleep between contractions and are not really conscious in any verbal way. The midwife-in-training said that it was still only 9 cm and that H should stop pushing. This took H out of labor land and made her think about the labor and not pushing. They started trying to push the cervix around the baby’s head to help the dilation along.

At about midnight H was trying to push again but carefully because there was still a “lip” of cervix. The midwife tried to help it along many times and finally gave her the ok to start pushing at 1 or 2am. So again, in and out of the tub and around and around the room. Then H started pushing again, but had trouble. In retrospect, it was probably because there were 4 midwives in the room by that point and everyone was telling her what to do and touching her. Hours later, no baby, although he didn’t seem to be in distress either.

At one point, the midwives tried to rotate the baby’s head to a more optimal birthing position and that was the most intense pain H experienced. Back in the tub. A few more hours of pushing and a quick nap on the bed by the midwife who had been up for 36 hours already and nothing. Finally a touch of head again but no progress.

At about 5:30 the head midwife started to talk about transferring to the hospital but H wouldn’t have anything to do with that. They decided to let us rest a bit and left us alone. We laid down to rest and D got about 15 min of sleep, H about 5 min but then back to the mission at hand. D woke up to find H in the bathtub and after saying she was ok went back to sleep for another 5 min. H then had a head in sight or uh feel, so D got the midwife again

They didn’t like her position in the bathtub because they couldn’t see what was happening and had H move to a birthing stool. D sat behind her and pushed on H’s tailbone very hard because each time there was a cheer! H pushed from the top D pushed from the back.

The head was much larger than H would have thought possible and the pain was pretty intense when the baby crowned. She kept wanting to get up and leave the center. Within half an hour, baby Alex came out. He was wiped off and then Mom, Dad, and baby got in the tub for a minute and snuggled. Then everybody got out and D spent time with Alex while H finished up in the tub. H was stitched a little and Alex was checked out while D held him – apgar was 8/9. Then he ate his first meal and everybody relaxed for a few hours before going home.

We were discharged four hours after he was born and left two hours after that.

The total for those of you keeping up:

30 Hrs labor

H 5 min sleep

D 20 min sleep

Alex heart rate THE WHOLE BIRTH 140

8lbs 7oz


no drugs

Relax is good! Thanks Rachel.