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Addison's Birth Story

posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:53 AM by Rachel Supercinski   [ updated Jul 20, 2010, 12:33 PM ]
Addison Elizabeth was born March 4th at 11:44am. She weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long. 

Since we labored for about 40 hours this is a LONG story. :) 

I started feeling contractions at 9:30 on Tuesday night. They were mostly irregular lasting as long as a minute and a half and being as close together as 7 minutes. When I told Ches I was really hurting he said "This is it!" Since it was late I tried to get some sleep. I was able to sleep some between contractions, but they woke me up each time. Ches rubbed my back as long as he could, but he eventually fell asleep. I kept an eye on the clock and noticed the contractions were coming pretty consistently at 7 minutes apart. I decided around 4:30 to call my mom and dad. They arrived around 7:30 so we went to Scott and White to get checked. Dr. Bonds checked me and I was only 1.5 cm. (I was 1cm the Thursday prior). I thought oh my goodness this is not good..I knew I was in for a long labor.

We came home and I contracted all day. We walked, I rested, I showered, I ate and everyone took turns timing contractions and rubbing my back. Around 7:00 that night my contractions were about three minutes apart and lasting for a minute. I thought this surely must be it. We all packed up and went to the hospital. I was admitted and the nurse checked me. I was still only 1.5cm! They sent us home. When we got home I was still contracting but not as close together. I contracted all night again and they were about 7 minutes apart..these contractions were getting very strong. I was having trouble relaxing during the contractions and I even lost my breath a few times. My mom rubbed my back and Ches rubbed my feet. I started moaning in order to stay focused and try to relax (this also helped with the breathing).

Around 6 in the morning my water began to break and we decided to go back to the hospital since I was tested positive for Group B strep and needed to start antibiotics right away. I was admitted again and the nurse checked me. I was 7cm! This time I got to stay. The nurse got my IV started and I was placed on the monitor. My contractions were still only 7 or so minutes apart. Dr. Bonds arrived and did a check. She said that I was 7cm, but the baby was still very high. Since I had been in labor for so long and since my water was partly broken she suggested that we start pitocin. She left the room and Ches and I talked it over and we decided that I could not last much longer. We started pitocin around 7:00 and it began working right away.

My contractions got very strong and were right on top of each other. I was not able to relax in a side lying position so I sat perched on the edge of the bed for several hours. My mom, sister in law, and Ches rubbed my back while I moaned (and screamed). I was certain that I would not be able to do it, but everyone kept encouraging me and told me it was almost over. Around 11:00 I really really felt like I needed to push. We called the nurse who checked me and called Dr. Bonds. I started pushing very soon after that. I tried to remember the best way to push and I was able to get in three or four good pushes per contraction. My water broke the rest of the way and I was bringing the baby down! I screamed and moaned and complained through it all, but my birth team was so supportive and I could really see the end in sight. I just kept thinking I would get to hold my baby soon.

I pushed for 44 minutes and she arrived! I remember saying "WE DID IT!" I cannot believe we did it!" They placed her on my chest for a short while, but she was a little blue so they took her to her bed and started oxygen. I tore in two places and Dr. Bonds stitched me up while everyone marveled over our little miracle.

My dad later on you labored for an entire work week. That really put it all into perspective.